Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best Place in North America for Off-Roading

Maybe you have a 4x4 truck or SUV and 4x4 just want to disable the feature to see what can be done? No matter where you live, there are likely a number of opportunities for off-road only an hour or two with you. But where is the best place to go off-road? The big question, and it's a great option to consider if you really want to test your tires:

Southern California

For SUVs, Southern California is a great place to live. The desert is not more than one or two hours away and the opportunity for great off-road.

In Southern California, check out the Mojave Desert, especially the Mojave National Preserve. The park has more than 16 million acres of desert highway. You can also check out the line that passes through the valley and famous landmarks such as Fort Piute, Afton Canyon and Cedar Canyon. There are also a number of places to stop and camping areas, and includes features such as picnic tables, fire rings, drinking water, sewage and toilet. There is a visitor center also helps restaurants, movies, nature center and picnic area. In the Mojave Desert, it would be a way by Joshua trees, rock star and mountainous desert floor. You can access this area of ​​Barstow, which is located on Interstate 15 on the way from Southern California to Las Vegas.

Also in Southern California, see Johnson Valley, which is near Palm Springs, Twentynine Palms area. Johnson Valley is considered as the best place in Southern California for off-road, with rock stars can lose just not around. There are also a variety of flat track for more relaxed driving. This area also has a good range of heights of over 4,000 meters in the dry lake Hartwell Hills called Melville Dry Lake. Host interesting vegetation areas include annual grasses and wildflowers in the spring. Yuccas are also abundant here.


Utah is the perfect setting for all countries, and this time, you do not want to miss the best offers off-road areas, especially Moab. Asked about all of Moab, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado, Moab is famous destinations such as Mars and is a favorite place not only off-road, but also for hikers and mountain bikers as well. Many roads and fields are available for storing 4x4 or SUV. However, you also can choose to do one of the many tours available in the area to take some photos of the staggeringly beautiful rock star, peaks and valleys.


There is off road area known Arkansas also called Superlift ORV Park. This is private property and they charge to get in, but it is a great place for families to make small off-road. Offer them in a variety of camping equipment and lodging, and even cabins, bathrooms and Remote-controlled roads. Attractive land will take you through the woods and hills, a nice change if you are used to off-road in the desert alone.


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