Sunday, February 24, 2013

Diving The Hidden Treasure of Indonesia

North Maluku. Some people may have heard all of it, most people do not know exist. Still the main tourist radar, it is slowly becoming a destination for those who want to experience the various regions in Indonesia. With a friendly smile and a welcoming, comfortable easy local because they can not keep them hidden desire to look "European" or foreigners. No more than a few tourists in North Maluku at once, it is easier to find quiet beaches of pure white sand or start a conversation with other travelers like you're both sitting at the "shop" or a family restaurant. Only where the adventure begins. Diving here is held in many places.

With small populations and small towns around the trees on the beach, leaving a smooth wall dives, shore diving, sea mountains, and volcanoes are found even under water. Such as in Indonesia, dynamite fishing have a negative impact in some areas, but some residents have realized that it is a myopic practice and try a different approach to fishing. As tourism grew, the fishermen want to move to sustainable tourism as their income, but for now, still have to do a little fishing and subsistence exotic island hopping tour.

The main town of North Maluku Tobelo and although nothing spectacular in itself, is a town for supplies and help small hotels in the area. Flights arrive three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to fly directly from Manado, North Sulawesi for 45 minutes Kao came about 45 minutes drive from Tobelo. Continue Tobelo fantastic as it moves from the forest to the coast and back through more forest, crossing several rivers and streams along the way. Nature at its best!

Australia and Canada recently Families with two children began to invest in the first place diving center. So far, the local government through the office offers diving, but nothing can really take action and promote the dive site. However, there are lots of sea life, the diversity of marine life everywhere on the planet, and more than 50 dive sites map now, there is no reason to go back. It was in the middle of the Coral Triangle. It is part of the ocean that feeds the rest of the world's coral reefs in the Pacific.

It is a slow process in Indonesia, but the family is working to create a sustainable diving resort and pave the way for future investment with other foreign places. Committed to not destroy, the process becomes a little slower, but some believe it only makes it more difficult for other investors in the future. If they can do it all without paying officials, which will allow the Indonesian government know that foreigners do not believe the government is corrupt and officials to do the job they were designed to improve the community.

Diving here has been better than we could ever ask for. After watching the pilot whales, manta rays, sharks and other marine species, each dive is an adventure in itself. With known coordinates to help some, who have a base to work, but it continues to expand its base to include new dive sites. At the end of their discovery, they believe that they will have more than 100 dive sites 5 minutes from the resort property within two hours.

Name Dive Resort Dive Community Centre Karianga and 5 acres of land on the coast about 40 minutes south of Tobelo. In a small bay, the reef about 40 yards from goal, followed by a second reef about 120 yards out, not much to see. Teens gather in shallow waters and can be found easily by walking on the sand and seaweed.

This complex was built with the environment in mind. Some buildings will be completed "Earthbag" requires a mixture of clay, sand and ground and pound with an empty bag of rice, creating a "brick" that hardens over time. Is the minimum amount of wood used in the entire structure of the dome and continues at the forefront of clay bricks. They plan to build a rooms calm, clear water in which they have some beautiful rocky beach and learn how to make a geodesic dome with bamboo for a deluxe room. It is the desire to create a lot of income level camp accommodation with a maximum range of oceanfront rooms.

This raises the question whether, in fact, sustainable tourism or not. Does it really improve the lives of local residents and what you are missing in your case. With that in mind, they want to preserve the culture of the local communities to the highest standards. Stories, traditions and beliefs that's why their unique stories. Due to the growth of tourism, the family went to see the importance of tradition and the respect given to share with tourists. Only increase the quality of life and the local community should not lose their traditional methods of food or substitute a more "Western". It is important to improve the level of health tourism and environmental protection for future generations and creating a conservation area which helps increase the diversity, abundance and sacred places can be appreciated at all. Benefit not only the result. The welfare of local residents is important, if not more important. People should be recognized and to be heard because they have adapted their lives because of new industries such as tourism. At first, the idea of ​​more money in this area seems to attract a lot of attractions, but there is a charge. It is a fine line Aussie and Canuck intervene because they created their sacred space and talk with local friends and more about how to promote tourism in the area.

Through tourism, we hope to create a marine park and find the elusive manta rays that gather relevant marine district. At this time, just randomly saw a manta ray sightings, but over time, you are sure to find the real treasure.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Sailboat That Can Sail Around The World

While sailing around the world and their abilities, choosing the boat entirely. But for those who have never had their own boat this task can be daunting.

At the time of having your own yacht can make you feel to drill holes in the hull to turn you into a beautiful reef that you do not have hope. In addition to the income to hire someone to take care of the entire yacht ownership element is not fun, learn when confronted with the side effects of ownership needed to meet your ship sailing in general. Experience can not understand the logistics services behind the curtain and the work that goes into a wonderful evening they had a head boat.

The new owner of the boat sometimes learn that sailing is not for them. This often results in a lot of ways, one of which I got rid of the boat using the boats on the market after 1 season or ignore damage reduction boat. For many people, having a best friend with a boat on the same boat. If you have a sea anywhere in the blood, however, will soon be able to imagine life without a sail.

If you cross the ocean, you may want to leave the driver in the dock. Prancing around the bay with friends who do not qualify for extended cruising boats. Features that can be good for one type of use is likely to get in the way when using the boat for an entirely different type of use.

You can find a style that makes a great boat live aboards, perfect for cruising around the word with a slight bow. Some support the weight of the keel sailboat full of slow but steady. Some more ketch that creates some of the other more lifeboats. Often times, people need to fix before leaving your own good cruise. Do you feel comfortable snag a table and start again from the beginning or if you prefer to make some addon is easy and call it a day. Have a fat wallet? Just build your dream yacht from scratch! It took some time to figure out what style best cruise for you. This process should be seen as a fun challenge than a month of research has looked worn simultaneously.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things to See and Do in Wimbledon

Wimbledon district, west London, which is famous for its association with the tennis world. The championship was held at Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is now considered as one of the most important competitions, top-class tennis. Every year at the end of June, thousands of people flock to the area tennis draw two weeks (and rain is almost inevitable!). Wimbledon tennis tournament is one of the four Grand Slams in the world and the only significant competition to play in the grass. Although the tennis championship at Wimbledon was part of the soul there is plenty to see and do in the area will be considered. After experiencing an emotional Wimbledon remains an area of ​​historical interest to a number of attractions. If you are visiting the district for tennis or just to see the place, make sure you do not miss what is offered in the Wimbledon center court.

Wimbledon is one of the most famous parks in London and is known as the fictional home Wombles. The park itself is one of the largest areas of common interest and moor in London and now covers 1,100 acres and has about one million trees. Common is a great place for visitors to go hiking and a picnic in the sun. For the ancient history, in the southern part of the standard is home to the remains of an Iron Age fort, known as Camp Caesar. Despite the name, there is no strong evidence to suggest that, not standing, associated with the Roman Emperor or a Roman general. Toward the center of Wimbledon Common Windmill windmill, from the 19th century which now contains Wimbledon Windmill Museum. Factory visitors can learn about the history of windmills windmills and Wimbledon Common. There are also a number of interactive displays.

If the area of ​​Wimbledon Common is too wide for your tastes, you might be more appropriate Cannizaro Park. This park is home to a number of beautiful gardens that bloom in summer colors. The park was originally the cottage garden Cannizaro (now a hotel) and the sunken gardens, Italian gardens and water parks, among others. The park is known for its colorful flowers such as azaleas, roses and magnolia and is a must in the summer for aspiring gardeners.

For a taste of history and culture much more you can visit the Temple in Calonne Road Buddhapadipa. This temple is the first Thai Buddhist temple built in the UK and was founded in 1980 with the purpose of teaching Theravada Buddhism. This temple is one of only two from Asia, surrounded by its own gardens. Although the temple is home to the monks and nuns visitors are welcome, provided they act with respect and courtesy. The temple has beautiful architectural features bright red and gold colors. Inside are murals depicting different aspects of the life of Buddha.

For those who want to learn more about the life history of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum Wimbledon. Museum, opened in 1977, currently the world's largest tennis museum. Between memories and objects, the museum is home to CentreCourt360. This is an observation deck that offers guests also experienced center. Museum also features a 200-degree movie screen for showing films on the subject of science and the history of tennis. Museum visitors can also take a tour of the museum and see a collection of past and current Wimbledon mode.

Other attractions on offer include Wimbledon Wimbledon Theatre, a beautiful Edwardian theater which puts on a variety of performances throughout the year. Area known as the 'Wimbledon Village' is more crowded than the high street and Wimbledon full of antique shops and boutiques. For those who are more interested in the history of Wimbledon Southside House. Southside is a 17th century house which was the residence of the parties, museum. The house has a lot of antique furniture and memorabilia to look at but also do tours, lessons and concerts. What is also interesting is the Wimbledon Museum, which contains collections related to the history of Wimbledon. Wimbledon area has much to offer visitors and residents only tennis major competitions and a variety of attractions that should not be overlooked.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Camping Tips and Tricks That Will Make Your Trip Go Smoothly

Are you planning on camping? If so, you are ready to challenge the ordinary nature can throw your way? Although much of what you need to know the basics, you should take the time to teach. Read on for smart tips.

It is important to pitch your tent before sunset. After dark, the more difficult to find firewood, preparing food, and tents ready. Those living in urban areas seem to be the case, even more than the ones used to launch the black darkness. Do not get yourself in this situation, and they found refuge during the day.

Make sure you know the latest condition of the area where you live. For example, you want to know whether the area will be dry enough to find a suitable timber. It is always wise to carry wood collected in advance and store it in a place where it will remain dry.

Important to note that the man and all his dirty during a camping trip. While children can be used to help certain level of cleanliness, expect people would be dirty. Be prepared for it and accept it. Have fun in nature and do not be afraid to get dirty! You can always shower at home.

Make sure your store is too big. This makes it possible for everyone to sleep comfortably, and also allows room to move and leave the store, if the call of nature.

Make sure you know basic first aid before heading out on a camping trip. Should an emergency arise, knowledge of first aid can prevent further problems until help arrives. Also, do your research. Learn what wild animals are hanging out there and what kinds of poisonous snakes or insects stealth.

If you are not ready for the camping trip, fun trip they can become dangerous quickly. Just go camping when you are ready for it. Research in the area for wildlife and geography and climate.

After reading this article, it is easy to see that there are many things that can be overlooked in planning. While camping is not a luxury activity, that still requires preparation. Use the information you learned in this article to ensure a pleasant, good camping trip.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best Place in North America for Off-Roading

Maybe you have a 4x4 truck or SUV and 4x4 just want to disable the feature to see what can be done? No matter where you live, there are likely a number of opportunities for off-road only an hour or two with you. But where is the best place to go off-road? The big question, and it's a great option to consider if you really want to test your tires:

Southern California

For SUVs, Southern California is a great place to live. The desert is not more than one or two hours away and the opportunity for great off-road.

In Southern California, check out the Mojave Desert, especially the Mojave National Preserve. The park has more than 16 million acres of desert highway. You can also check out the line that passes through the valley and famous landmarks such as Fort Piute, Afton Canyon and Cedar Canyon. There are also a number of places to stop and camping areas, and includes features such as picnic tables, fire rings, drinking water, sewage and toilet. There is a visitor center also helps restaurants, movies, nature center and picnic area. In the Mojave Desert, it would be a way by Joshua trees, rock star and mountainous desert floor. You can access this area of ​​Barstow, which is located on Interstate 15 on the way from Southern California to Las Vegas.

Also in Southern California, see Johnson Valley, which is near Palm Springs, Twentynine Palms area. Johnson Valley is considered as the best place in Southern California for off-road, with rock stars can lose just not around. There are also a variety of flat track for more relaxed driving. This area also has a good range of heights of over 4,000 meters in the dry lake Hartwell Hills called Melville Dry Lake. Host interesting vegetation areas include annual grasses and wildflowers in the spring. Yuccas are also abundant here.


Utah is the perfect setting for all countries, and this time, you do not want to miss the best offers off-road areas, especially Moab. Asked about all of Moab, Utah and Grand Junction, Colorado, Moab is famous destinations such as Mars and is a favorite place not only off-road, but also for hikers and mountain bikers as well. Many roads and fields are available for storing 4x4 or SUV. However, you also can choose to do one of the many tours available in the area to take some photos of the staggeringly beautiful rock star, peaks and valleys.


There is off road area known Arkansas also called Superlift ORV Park. This is private property and they charge to get in, but it is a great place for families to make small off-road. Offer them in a variety of camping equipment and lodging, and even cabins, bathrooms and Remote-controlled roads. Attractive land will take you through the woods and hills, a nice change if you are used to off-road in the desert alone.