Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hot Springs in Alaska

The state of Alaska is home to about eighty hot water, the highest concentration of volcanoes along the Alaska Peninsula and Aleutian Islands chain. Another area of ​​hot springs located in the southeastern part of the country, while other sources scattered throughout the country. Many of the rivers in their natural state, but in the south-east, many springs have been changed for ease of use. Different areas of quality flooring replacement position luxury resort development.

The hot springs are located in southeast Alaska are:

Baranof Warm Springs: Located in the east of the island of Sitka on Baranof Warm Springs Bay. This pier is located along 100 meters of spectacular waterfalls and surrounded by glacier-fed lakes, rivers and streams. Springs nine different temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This area is accessible by boat and walkways that connect the floor to the side of the mountain town of Baranof.

Chief Shakes Hot Springs: Find Ketili the river. Often, canoe or kayak access from Route Hot Springs Slough, spring consists of two Jacuzzi. The tub was under the tree and on the ground the pool and locker room. Another is based on the structure of the display in costume. Nearby is a fire pit, picnic tables and toilets.

Goddard Hot Springs: Located in Hot Springs Bay on Baranof Island. The fountain was long known for its medicinal properties. Housing on the site since mid-1800, the Sitka city currently maintains two elegant cedar bath with Jacuzzi Shelter offers hot and cold water are the same. This area is accessible by boat and includes sidewalks and coffee.

Shelokum Hot Springs: Located in Cleveland Peninsula. The hot springs are accessible via a 2.2 mile trail that runs from Bailey's Bay on Lake Shelokum. The only shelter is a three-sided structures. Spring has not changed and is the home of the algal flora.

Trocadero Soda Springs: Located on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island near Craig. It is a carbonated spring that bubbles and whistles. The area around the pier is a unique landscape of craters and mounds of color changes from pale yellow to red bricks. Accessible only by boat, the highlight of a good spring for bear watching, but beware. Water is said to have "a strong, unpleasant taste," and there is no smell.

White Sulphur Hot Springs: Located in the woods of West Chichagof-Yakobi. Accessible by boat from Puerto Espejo, spring is just 0.8 km from water hydrates. Originally called Hoonah Warm Springs, called spring after the dentist. Bathhouse has a fiberglass screen that allows visitors to enjoy the sights of the Pacific Ocean while enjoying a hot shower.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sailing The Turguoise Coast

Sailing Turquoise Coast, Turkey blue irregular south-west coast is a family adventure unlike other people and exceeded our expectations.

Our schooner, a traditional Turkish boat floor, is the most beautiful beach in the hull and mahogany wood grain blue beam. We have six cabins yacht rental for our family vacation. For 10 days, this is our home - a luxurious, relaxing and adventure to see where Turkey has a lot to do, both on board and off.

Our boat docked at a small marina, protected lagoons and hidden coves. We hiked the countryside and enjoy the turquoise blue sea port remote control with swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. Mixture increases, ancient ruins, legendary swimming and water activities, and time to relax lazily on deck creates an intimate family level for adults, parents and children. Calculate the area of ​​coastal villages, some only accessible by boat, hiking in the pine forest and explore the ruins of Hellenic, we have a wide view of the Earth.

Along the way, Olu Deniz, a beautiful Blue Lagoon, strengthen and calm blue water drawn us. The distance from the audience, we hiked to the old Lydae, with its tombs, Corinthian columns and Roman period and the Byzantine Basilica. We stopped in Dalyan, a coastal fishing village is a breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles, and make side trips, kayaking on the river Calbis, where the scenery and cave tombstones greeted us. In remote Orhaniye Bay, an ancient Acropolis and the ruins of a medieval castle set the background of a small village of the same name. Bencik Bay, a fjord-like miniature inlet, vists breathaking supplied limestone mountains crumble into the sea. In addition to saving lots of pine forest stretching golden beach, bays and small islands. Then we visited the ancient city of Knidos, a site of maritime trade. We moored in the old port city of Hellenic traders as no more than two thousand years, only to watch in amazement at the monument - tenements, small theater and miles and miles of power. We circle Gorkova Bay and visiting British ports, which makes British submarine during World War II, the island town of Cleopatra and Oren quiet beach with attractive market.

Sometimes, we slept on the deck of the schooner soft bed, with a view of the dark sky. Waking up to the sound of waves hitting the soft whisper of the arc, we enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared fresh Turkish delight greeting before the Magic.

Magical beach Turkey, we drink in the landscape to discover that every day is a journey of discovery. Then swim in the beautiful turquoise waters of the coast, our family adventure begins.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taiwan - A Mix of Old and New

Taiwan is an independent province in China, which is famous for its beautiful infrastructure and industrialization. Very few people can not see the island as a unique tourist destination. The island has exotic beaches, natural features such as mountains and beautiful plants. The most populous city in Taiwan along the southern coast. Some places you need to make sure that you visit as a tourist in Taiwan are listed in detail below.

The first area is likely to visit Taiwan Taipei, the capital of the province. The city is home to several ancient temples, monuments and museums to see. The National Palace Museum in the city offers wonderful collection of ancient Chinese artifacts. Jade major markets around the world in this city. This market is known as the Chiang Kuo has nearly a thousand merchants with various items frequently. Another good thing is that this part of town, you do not want to miss the Snake Alley. Here you will find a different teller stations, fruit vendors, tattoo parlor and Restaurant offers a rare food like snake blood and bile. Another attraction is the city seems skyscraper Taipei 101 106 wood. The building has five floors underground and 101 above ground level, hence the name. It is designed to withstand both hurricanes and earthquakes. Finally we have Kai-shek Memorial Hall Chiang, with its unique architecture.

Other attractions include Taiwan Sun Moon Lake. This happens to be the biggest in Taiwan covers about three square miles. The lake is home to one of the natives called Thao. There is an island in the middle of the lake is considered sacred by tribal lands. An aboriginal cultural village built near the lake for tourists and other visitors to learn more about Thao tribe.

Another place to visit is the beautiful Taroko Gorge. It is a canyon along the coast 19 kilometers to the east of Taiwan. The location is perfect for hiking, camping and sightseeing. Some important features of the plan include Mysterious Valley Trail and the famous temple of eternal spring. The complex Alishan Mountain tourist area and offers some of the best services in Taiwan.

Taiwan has eight national parks macro but it is highly recommended is the Kenting National Park. The park has unique features such as white sand beaches, forests, hot springs, waterfalls and beach. The visitors to the park visitors enjoy water sports on the beach during the day and night active life full of fun and entertainment. Whale watching is also an exciting event for all. You can also participate in activities such as whitewater rafting and fishing in the sea.

Finally, there are some cultural events that attract tourists to find examples of Kaohsiung Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival featuring a variety of traditional and great fireworks.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Camping With Kids

If you want to go on vacation this summer, but they have the money to pay for an expensive trip, then why not try the rest of the campers. Pitching the tent is a great way to have fun and family vacations. If you have a child or children in tow, then you'll be glad to get out of the house for a change. Explore the environment and having a night in a tent is a fun summer vacation for all family members. So how do you prepare for a trip? Well, here is a brief guide on how to plan and organize a camping trip is perfect for the kids.

1. Clothing

Be sure to pack all kinds of clothes when out camping. If you are going to launch in the UK and then you can not be too sure what the weather will do. Pack for hot and sunny environment, as well as cold and rains. Do not be put off by bad weather if you are prepared for all weather conditions. Shirt, shorts, rain Mac, umbrella, sunscreen and a hat all good items to start.

2. Food

If he went to a camp where you can buy hot food, then you do not have to worry about it. But if you are in the middle of nowhere without a source of food and be sure to bring a lot. Need breakfast, dinner and tea for drinking must meet the elements Packed in bags or containers and can be reheated later. In the open air can be fun for the kids if they have tried before. Add a little more fun with fun kids lunch box and a bottle of water for the kids.

3. Tent

Be sure to buy a tent big enough for you all. If you have never been camping before and then shop around to buy a style that suits a lot of people are still planning to sleep in it. Many tents on the market today, even the kids can buy their own fun and colorful style. Also be sure to buy a sleeping bag and sleeping equipment for your family. Note pillows and blankets for the kids too. If your children are still young, even cuddly toys are also a good choice.

So I hope these tips will help you on your camping and coming. You are sure to have fun if you decide to camp out under the stars to go this year.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Travel Tips for an Educational, Fun and Safe Vacation in Costa Rica with Children

Costa Rica could not be more perfect for a family vacation. Plenty for kids to admire and feel happy. There are many things to learn about nature, good to see the volcano, beach walks, traveling through the woods, the wildlife park where you see the animals.

Small Central American country in the neck that connects the two continents of North America and South America, the unique geographical position offers hundreds of miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Dozens of U.S. airports offering direct flights from San Jose, the capital, and in northern Liberia. You can crate some card games, books and crayons to keep the kids occupied during the flight, and will be very useful gadget for car trips during the holidays. A small pillow would be great to induce delayed.

Education experience begins as soon as they landed, they found this small country has its roots in America Spanish colonial period as a different culture, it is the perfect time and place to get them interested in learning some Spanish!

Here are ten of the most important activity that parents and children living together:

1. Nature guides that teach through a national park

2. Boat trips to see the humpback whales

3. Horseback riding to a waterfall in the forest

4. Visit an active volcano

5. Collection of shells at the beach calm

6. Forest canopy zip line

7. Follow the turtle nesting

8. Swim with Dolphins

9. Visit the farmers market in a village

10. Self-guided nature trail walks selected

There are important precautions parents can take to keep your children safe while exploring the rain forest or enjoying the beach, for example, do not let the kids hit the plants and animals found in the natural way, no matter how small or innocuous, predict animal can be dangerous, and some flowers and plants with thorns or toxins that may be painful skin contact.

On the coast, The Tides can rise quickly and Tides rupture can occur in very shallow water, so that the children should be treated at all times, and always within arm's reach. Two golden rule - never let out of sight, and not rely on older siblings or other children to look after the children.