Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Basics of Sailing

Sailing is the world of work - but sailing is also a world of fun. But there was little warning for those who want to enter the exciting new world, it has nothing to do with age, education, health or wealth. The only requirements are pretty basic to begin sailors. Do not ask the apprentice to do or be something. Instead he asked the novice sailor not to be something. Because for all the promise of adventure and romance in the exciting world of sailing, the only rule that precedes everything, the first and last and always, is: Do not crash! If not, the navigation is impossible.

Having passed this simple test, that is, if you belong to the 66% of people are not bothered by dizziness, enter the first lesson, the basics of sailing.

Basic sailing begins with knowing what you want to call it when we went on board. (That's the first lesson: never go in, climbing, walking or moving toward him, our board). Sailing has its own unique vocabulary to learn, and fast. Bow of the boat is called the bow, stern behind. When you go to the bow, which is called before going. When you go to the stern is called linear. The left side is called the port or left side, and right is right. What is standing on - of course stand up and down movement of the ship, no problem - it's called a cover, which may have seats too, for sitting, but not to and then even still they are called safety seat cover remains. Long vertical shaft called pillar candle holder and when combined near the pole is almost invisible, but when unfurled to provide the widest boat its name - sailboat! When the wind is right, the screen moves to the beautiful sea craft to wherever you want.

Basic sailing also includes knowing all the ropes, literally. With poles and rope fixing the rear deck and accessories. Ropes when fixed to the sail or mast are also called lines, and you take the front line when asked, or the back line when needed, or wrap hugging a pole that does not go overboard. Are we there?

Dock, sailboat set the rope on the pier by metal bollards so they do not drift away (called "fixed" not parked) but sometimes when there is a spring, but a beautiful tropical island stopping to clean it from the anchor overboard to keep sailboat where you want to be, or pull back when you are about to enter. You now know your sailboat, even the names of the parties - but do not go elsewhere. Now the main navigation to wonder how to "drive" the boat in the right direction once you really start to happen. Sailboat pointing in the desired direction is also called steering, the same way we drive our cars, but on a ship called and connected to the steering wheel is located under the stern. Smaller sailboats may not have the familiar round head, but the handle is connected to the steering rudder mentioned below. The helmsman (not driver, remember?) Just move the steering wheel to the left or right of the screen to display the boat left or right. You are now ready to try!


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