Saturday, April 27, 2013

Subprefectures of Hokkaido

On a recent trip to Hokkaido I spent a few days on tour with us Furano, Furano, and many other cities, all located in Kamikawa Subprefecture. May 14 subprefectures Kamikawa Hokkaido and certainly the best in terms of popularity among tourists, not to say that only the famous tourism. This part of Japan still retains the beauty of Japan, not as Niseko.

Furano, a town famous for its wide open spaces and spectacular landscape in many books and films, and is considered a dream destination for many Japanese. The best time to come here in July and August, or September, the winter if you root steel and can handle driving on icy roads marked with almost zero visibility.

Among other things, Furano is also famous for its world-class cheese, milk drinks, and delicious curry. I recommend trying the vanilla ice cream available throughout the season. Once you've done that, then you can go to the Highland Valley Ski Shirogane Parkhill for some snowboarding. If you are interested, then I highly recommend visiting this place in the summer in the middle of July to watch the lavender. Purple in picture postcard beautiful hills. Some places to visit would Chuo Farms, Tomita farm and cheese factory for a tour they are very nice.

When I finally get to Furano I was relieved to see someone else for a change and mothers push the snow to the end .. I almost took off and panic in snow than 2 hours to myself when no one in sight. Furano Curry is one of the hallmarks of this place, and this is really the best curry dish I've ever eaten. Thick and sweet curry soup bare my ice cold and delicious thick milk glass Furano own premiums. Just perfect in my opinion. I even bought a quarter of the way to enjoy the great feeling. I do not have time to talk to a local, because I have a schedule, but I did. For the second or third time I saw a local woman with brown eyes brown! Needless to say that Hokkaido has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I say this with confidence. Fed agriculture, light skin, the smell of snow, the beauty of the cow is all I can say, with brown eyes and light slip through his eyelids half open as the sun in the morning with sliding door akarishouji.

Walking through the snow. Town-people like me can not even imagine what it's like to spend six months in the snow like this. Snow usually around 6 months of the year here. Bitter winter long. He got up and walked through the snow on a daily basis, I probably would have gone crazy, but if a woman can do it, then I can too sweet mini skirt is not visible at all, unlike in Tokyo.

The reason that people visit Hokkaido to Tokyo with contrast. Hokkaido is not only to go, with imagination. What is, however, a bit of a dream for many people, which can be real estate, or retirement purposes a person. People come here to enjoy the unspoiled natural park and drank fresh spring water, and walk along the endless rice paddies you breathe fresh and clean air.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Set Sailing With Yachts in Croatia

To navigate a boat in Croatia dismissed because the country has more than a thousand islands and inlets. Many islands and inlets are 48 permanent residence. Any extension of the south-western border of the country's coast. So there is plenty of water for sailing yachts in Croatia

The country is bordered by the Adriatic Sea. Adriatic Sea is considered an arm of the Mediterranean Sea that extends from north-west to south-east of the peninsula Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. The western part is the end of this section is the eastern edge of Italy and Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro.

One of the most popular places for tourists to visit while you are here Zlantni Rat beach on the island of Brac. First popular tourist center Opatija here to open. It is a holiday resort that opened somewhere around the mid-nineteenth century, and in 1890, known as one of the most famous European spa. After Opatija given this a bit more complex differences began to appear along the coast.

The most popular and profitable tourism industry here is marine tourism. Rent a vacation house boat trip is driven by many Marinas total of more than 16,000 berths. When you are considering a cruise to Dubrovnik you should consider a boat rental service as a way to explore the Dalmatian coast. There are also beautiful islands like Elafiti with water perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. You can find plenty of places to stop for lunch and here on the island of Lokrum.

Take a trip to Dubrovnik bareboat charter will give you the opportunity to visit the historic center and saw a small village near Sipan. You can go see the National Park Mljet and you can go to the shops and bars and restaurants fill Korcula.

You can take a boat to Dubrovnik bareboat, even if you are familiar with the local water. There will be able to keep the navigation lines began Skipper lost. So anyone who wants to enjoy a walk without rhythm or slower more relaxed and can do so with confidence.

If you are planning a trip here and would like to take a bareboat charter then you have to have the International Criminal Court, or ASA or RYA Day Skipper certificates and legal to take the boat intact. Come meet these requirements before going for a trip can be anything you want.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Travel Tips to Italy

Italy is known worldwide for the churches and other monuments made during different historical periods. This country has a number of sites showing the rich past and heritage. Italy has one of the best collections of art and other works made during the Renaissance.

If you are planning to travel to Italy, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some tips that are shared below.

a. The first is the Italian budget is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. There are a number of cheaper options for traveling, living and exploring the country. You can always refer to the local guides who will advise you on how to save money while exploring Italy.

b. The peak tourist season in Italy begins in June and lasts until September. So, if you are low on budget then avoid this time. If you travel off-season, the best time to visit Italy in February and April.

c. It never hurts to have travel insurance. If you are a traveler abroad then I would suggest that you should have travel insurance that will protect you from the loss or theft of your property.

d. One thing to remember is to travel light. You can not see the guard rail station in Italy.

e. Rome has a number of places that you can see and explore. There are some cheap hotels are located outside of the city where you can live. Food and Italian cuisine is known throughout the world and has a great chance to sample some delicious food. There are a number of affordable restaurants located around the city of Rome. There are a number of bars, pubs and clubs are open all night.

f. Venice is another interesting place where you should go when you come to Italy. Do not bring a good camera to capture some of the attractions this city has to offer.

g. This language is not a problem in Italy. Apart from Italy, the people here can easily communicate in English, French and German. As you go deeper into Italy, see regional dialects is spoken by more people. Feel free to use sign language when needed.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Caravan Parts

Each caravan, regardless of the brand and its use should be maintained regularly to ensure that it continues to operate at the limit when necessary. However, maintaining the mobile home is easier than most people think. Instead, make frequent trips to the garage to replace some parts from time to time to ensure it continues to run smoothly. It also goes without saying that the caravan parts caravans maintained high quality command a good price when you have to sell.

There are several types of components to be replaced often caravan tow bar, repair kits, tools, first aid, towing equipment, oil, batteries, etc. If you use your caravan after a few months, the first thing visitors to do some extensive cleaning equipment. Purchase of vacuum cleaner telescopic tube so you can get the dirt and dust from all the little nooks and crannies. Use a good sterilizing cleaner to clean the kitchen bench.

To clean the outside of the caravan You can buy a set of high pressure washers. This will allow easy blast all the dirt and grime that developed over several months. Some cleaning products can be applied to caravan caravan after washing and waxing so it will protect your paint job.

Tow bar and tires

Tow bar is one of the most important caravan because without it the main unit will not be able to pull the trailer. If it is not rusty just use some lube or oil to the connector and make sure the car is properly attached to the main. If you need to replace the pull rust usually require some welding. You can buy online high quality tow bar and asks you to consolidate your mechanic.

Be sure to check the tires and the trailer tires on a regular basis. Make sure they are all filled with the correct pressure and have good tread. Instead, all naked and damaged tires can be just as dangerous as sliding and rolling the vehicle. Try buying a caravan spares leading tire company online or offline.


By changing parts of the caravan is always a good idea to buy spare parts are expensive but the quality. Parts of the highest quality will ensure that the caravan you need a replacement in the near future. It also means that your caravan is now a safe trip input

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Beginner's Guide to Mexican Food

The essence of the American menu over the last 50 years, only in the last five years or so that Mexican cuisine has exploded throughout the restaurant scene in the UK. Taco chain of independent ass to a fancy restaurant, the Western world is full of places to enjoy a delicious style.

But if it is new to you, and you do not know their chili with cheese quesadillas or tortillas to toast you, we thought we'd explain some of our favorite Mexican food. So if you are planning a trip to Latin American countries, to be able to decode the food for yourself.


This Mexican sauce mixed is probably one of the most common - often served with sauce. It is pronounced GWA-ee-ca-mole, a dish consisting of bright green avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro and lime juice plenty wet.


Perhaps the most interactive of Mexican cuisine, if you see someone with a small pot of meat and vegetables, will most likely be set Fajitas - (pa-hee-ta-s). Boil on a hot plate, a patch with cornstarch or flour (casing Mexico as a pancake) to put the meat and vegetables in it - what do you get your account. Not only is the big topic of conversation, but also perfect for sharing.


If you are not sure about what to make this dish, I have you covered for the whole enchilada. Trees of various parts of beef, chicken or pork beans, potatoes and even fish, filling you choose, it fills in a corn tortilla and topped with a spicy tomato sauce.


With cheese (Kay-so) Mexican word for cheese, you can guess what is in the fried tortilla bread - cheese with vegetables and sometimes beans. Popular starters, this dish is crispy yet sticky is great for sharing.

Chili con queso:

It is not only delicious cheese sauce dripping, but also full of meat and beans. Served hot, the sauce is perfect for easily over tortilla chips or vegetable swim in it for a healthy version of the snack.


A great way to fix a salad, bread in Spanish 'roast', which makes sense, because in fact cooked tortilla. If it is a plant that you say, or a lot of cheese, salsa and guacamole, are the perfect complement to your Mexican fiesta fragile.


Unlike a taco or fajita, covered ass totally containing flour tortilla. Chicken pork and vegetables, you can get a variety of meats (bold or normal) side of rice, beans, cheese and your choice of sauce topping with sour cream guacamole and pica de gallo (chopped tomatoes, onions and peppers). Do not forget the hot sauce and lemon - more news!