Saturday, April 27, 2013

Subprefectures of Hokkaido

On a recent trip to Hokkaido I spent a few days on tour with us Furano, Furano, and many other cities, all located in Kamikawa Subprefecture. May 14 subprefectures Kamikawa Hokkaido and certainly the best in terms of popularity among tourists, not to say that only the famous tourism. This part of Japan still retains the beauty of Japan, not as Niseko.

Furano, a town famous for its wide open spaces and spectacular landscape in many books and films, and is considered a dream destination for many Japanese. The best time to come here in July and August, or September, the winter if you root steel and can handle driving on icy roads marked with almost zero visibility.

Among other things, Furano is also famous for its world-class cheese, milk drinks, and delicious curry. I recommend trying the vanilla ice cream available throughout the season. Once you've done that, then you can go to the Highland Valley Ski Shirogane Parkhill for some snowboarding. If you are interested, then I highly recommend visiting this place in the summer in the middle of July to watch the lavender. Purple in picture postcard beautiful hills. Some places to visit would Chuo Farms, Tomita farm and cheese factory for a tour they are very nice.

When I finally get to Furano I was relieved to see someone else for a change and mothers push the snow to the end .. I almost took off and panic in snow than 2 hours to myself when no one in sight. Furano Curry is one of the hallmarks of this place, and this is really the best curry dish I've ever eaten. Thick and sweet curry soup bare my ice cold and delicious thick milk glass Furano own premiums. Just perfect in my opinion. I even bought a quarter of the way to enjoy the great feeling. I do not have time to talk to a local, because I have a schedule, but I did. For the second or third time I saw a local woman with brown eyes brown! Needless to say that Hokkaido has some of the most beautiful women on the planet. I say this with confidence. Fed agriculture, light skin, the smell of snow, the beauty of the cow is all I can say, with brown eyes and light slip through his eyelids half open as the sun in the morning with sliding door akarishouji.

Walking through the snow. Town-people like me can not even imagine what it's like to spend six months in the snow like this. Snow usually around 6 months of the year here. Bitter winter long. He got up and walked through the snow on a daily basis, I probably would have gone crazy, but if a woman can do it, then I can too sweet mini skirt is not visible at all, unlike in Tokyo.

The reason that people visit Hokkaido to Tokyo with contrast. Hokkaido is not only to go, with imagination. What is, however, a bit of a dream for many people, which can be real estate, or retirement purposes a person. People come here to enjoy the unspoiled natural park and drank fresh spring water, and walk along the endless rice paddies you breathe fresh and clean air.


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