Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Merry People and Colorful Culture of Rajasthan

Many nuances of culture and unity in diversity is the quality of the Indian mind. There are many colors in Rajasthan as well, which makes you fall in love with passion and pleasure activist state. The people of Rajasthan, known as marwaris is Happy-Go-Lucky and enjoy life with a celebration of many festivals, singing folk songs, religious traditions and share traditional dances from time to time and meet others with heat and passion. Hospitality is in the blood of the people of Rajasthan. They treat their customers as God. Various cultural nuances of this country can be witnessed during a holiday in Rajasthan. Rajasthan wedding costumes and ceremonies are the two main attractions of this area.

Traditional Rajasthani Costumes

Real people in Rajasthan is known for its beauty and refined style, and a sense of ethnic dress. Rajasthan folk traditional preparation is good because it is defined primarily royalties couture and luxury. Are beautiful women with equally luxurious lehengas and expensive fabrics odhnis accompanied with cosmetic jewelry adorn and enhance the beauty of their bodies. Fabrics commonly used in women of Rajasthan in bright colors and tie dye patterns, also known as bandhej or Bandhni. Tie and dye pattern occurs primarily Lehariya form, Mothda, Ekdali or Shikari.

Hand printed the category in the state of India is one of the most beautiful styles and artistic textile design. The colors are often preferred by Alka people, especially women are part of turquoise, pink, parrot green, purple and orange shocking red, magenta, orange and red, and many more. The colors are cleverly allied with brilliant shades of gold.

A Grand Wedding

Be an expensive way, wedding in Rajasthan is famous around the world because it is so plentiful and of high quality. There are so many wedding Alka spellbinds all part of the wedding. According to the tourism industry estimates, nearly 300 couples from different countries visit India every year to get married in Rajasthan. There are many interesting places to see in public Rajasthani wedding trip to Rajasthan, such as rituals and customs, the bride, decorations, parades, ceremonies, food, and many more.

Many famous celebrities who have their wedding in the state. Not only get through a real experience to be part of a Rajasthani royal wedding, but also home to some of the most beautiful moments ever land with a rich cultural past. Katy Perry and Russell Brand married on October 23, 2010. The famous Hollywood actress Liz Hurley married Arun Nayar, a business tycoon. The couple married husband even in the days of the country's environment, one that is attractive to the desert and palaces. The artistic representation of the various rituals and traditions took one of the highest level of Aesthetic pleasure Rajasthan tour.


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