Saturday, June 8, 2013

Travel Tips for an Educational, Fun and Safe Vacation in Costa Rica with Children

Costa Rica could not be more perfect for a family vacation. Plenty for kids to admire and feel happy. There are many things to learn about nature, good to see the volcano, beach walks, traveling through the woods, the wildlife park where you see the animals.

Small Central American country in the neck that connects the two continents of North America and South America, the unique geographical position offers hundreds of miles of coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Dozens of U.S. airports offering direct flights from San Jose, the capital, and in northern Liberia. You can crate some card games, books and crayons to keep the kids occupied during the flight, and will be very useful gadget for car trips during the holidays. A small pillow would be great to induce delayed.

Education experience begins as soon as they landed, they found this small country has its roots in America Spanish colonial period as a different culture, it is the perfect time and place to get them interested in learning some Spanish!

Here are ten of the most important activity that parents and children living together:

1. Nature guides that teach through a national park

2. Boat trips to see the humpback whales

3. Horseback riding to a waterfall in the forest

4. Visit an active volcano

5. Collection of shells at the beach calm

6. Forest canopy zip line

7. Follow the turtle nesting

8. Swim with Dolphins

9. Visit the farmers market in a village

10. Self-guided nature trail walks selected

There are important precautions parents can take to keep your children safe while exploring the rain forest or enjoying the beach, for example, do not let the kids hit the plants and animals found in the natural way, no matter how small or innocuous, predict animal can be dangerous, and some flowers and plants with thorns or toxins that may be painful skin contact.

On the coast, The Tides can rise quickly and Tides rupture can occur in very shallow water, so that the children should be treated at all times, and always within arm's reach. Two golden rule - never let out of sight, and not rely on older siblings or other children to look after the children.


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