Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cambodia and It's Hidden Secrets

Cambodia is one of the least explored tourist places in Southeast Asia. This is mainly due to the fact that the site is limited for a long time. In past years the area has slowly become a great tourist destination, as it has many beautiful attractions, historical and cultural sites, and some of the best restaurants and hotels. The natives are friendly and kind and you will find an interesting and fascinating culture.

Cambodia offers a number of unique attractions, including ancient temples, exotic beaches, lush virgin forests, rich culture and amazing history. People who visit the country for various reasons, some for work, education and other relaxation during most of the summer holidays.

The state is a major tourist madness Angkor. The hotel has an old temple called the temple of Angkor Wat. Most people refer to this place as the most beautiful place in the world. The building was built by the Khmer kings in hiding for four centuries to complete. The temple is also hidden in the woods and then find more than 150 years. Angkor Wat is so large that it takes a long time to go from one temple to another. Most travelers are advised to either rent a motorbike or rent users with several means of transport. Location is considered as the largest religious monument in the world. The building is a work of art and would be a very interesting place to shoot.

The Sihanoukville is another great place for tourists. This region is also known as Kampong Som and offers some of the best white sand beach with Cambodia. There are also a number of unexplored tropical islands that make up the beautiful landscape. Beach is usually Packed with tourists during the summer. The most high-end hotels are located near the shore establishment, and offers some of the best cuisine and hosting services.

Silver Pagoda is another wonderful place for people interested in seeing and understanding the rich culture of Cambodia. Located in the famous palace in Phnom Penh and just have lots of Buddha statues of Hindu gods. Among the sculptures are beautiful works of art adorned with diamonds and emeralds. Most of the sculptures known to have done in the 17th century. Silver Pagoda beauty does not end here, because the wall is also a work of art. They are decorated with mythological Ramayana mural art. Another famous place because of the history of art is a form of Preah Vihear. There are many temples in this site all dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

In addition to the ruins and vegetation, Cambodia offers some rare species. Bokor National Park is home to various species of elephants and tigers are only found in this region. From the garden you can enjoy the beautiful landscape.


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