Thursday, July 18, 2013

Can the Great Wall of China Be Seen from the Moon?

Although the Great Wall of China visible from space, especially if you can see with the naked eye from the moon, is the one that has caused much debate in recent years and has led to all sorts of information to support both sides of the argument.

The first example of someone who says that the wall can be seen from the moon seen since 1754. While this date is clearly more than two hundred years before it happened the first manned flight, it was thought that there was a lot of discussion about the truth or falsity of this statement actually comes from the words of William Stukeley, an antiquarian England. Clearly expressed a belief in a personal letter, it is unlikely that Stukeley know what the lasting impression his words would do!

Two of the most well-known claim that pre-Moon Landing visibility is also worn by the most reliable sources, which leads to a long-held belief of many people. The British journalist and politician Sir Henry Norman called "just the work of people can be seen from the moon in 1895, and in 1932 echoed Ripley Believe it or Not! Collection.

However, it has now been established that the Great Wall of China with certainty is not visible from the moon. According to the study, the possibility of seeing the walls at a distance approximately equal to a single human hair seen from two miles away. Obviously, this is an impossibility, and science that is based on the fact that there are astronauts went to the moon to see the Great Wall said, while there!

What is not so clear, however, whether the Wall is visible from what is known as low Earth orbit. Although the official statement of the rooms healthy and prestigious as the European Space Agency, International Space Station, and even Neil Armstrong, the truth behind this puzzle has not been established one way or another.

Regardless of the actual visibility of the Great Wall of China, one thing is certain: the brand is a great place to look closer to your eye, which can be done easily with travel websites in the country's northern border story. Once you are there and they are faced with the full force of imposing grandeur of the wall, you will see that this problem can be seen from the moon just fade into insignificance.


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