Friday, July 12, 2013

Place to Visit in Melaka Malaysia

Even if you are a backpacker or a tourist regular, if not like that you get a lot to do with the sea and the mountains, and was satisfied with the story, then pass through a small country Melaka (besides, Malacca) in Malaysia is for you. First established in the year 1400 AD, when a Sumatran prince arrived in the country after being expelled from Temasik (aka Singapore). Be a hot spot for the spice trade, Melaka, Malaysia attractive group of Portuguese conquerors (1511), The Netherlands (1641), and England (1826). Malaysia finally independence in 1957.

As you can gather, Melaka, Malaysia has a rich history and culture of the most front. Here are some recommended places to visit there, you have to be ready for the trip.

Melaka Heritage Trail

Colonial past of this country is very rich and certainly adds to its natural beauty. Melaka Heritage Trail, the Netherlands, where the remnants of the Dutch and the British state in the form of the Church of Christ. It was built without nails in the Dutch period, but took over and re-created as the Anglican Church when the British took over. In strange not placing a pioneer in this regard, too. Registration fee, but a fee is charged if you want to take pictures inside the church.

Melaka Zoo and Night Safari

Melaka Zoo and Night Safari is a great place, especially if you are visiting with children. Children's zoo visitors views of the area, as happened in real plantations evoke tempting. Can you imagine the impact that brings visitors and the animals themselves. It feels like you're one with nature. All zoos are very spacious and offers a selection of species to learn more about, including: wildebeest, Malayan Gaur, iguanas and tapirs. They also have a large aviary and a gorilla happy.

Pulau Besar, Melaka

Here's a site that will satisfy your taste and vision of history. Or even more.

A large island, famous for its large islands Palau? Mic Graves and tombstones in recent years become a favorite place Islams pilgrimage. Sheikh Al Sultan Ismail Ariffin, a prophet who led the Islamic 1400AD, buried in the whole island. There are several reports of Melaka information he learned during his visit to the island. There is a small museum that covers just that. And after a long day of studying / hiking and cultural background, has a right to beach water swim.

Do not forget to stop by the Elven Village 'on the road, however, and when you get in, you get all the strange rock formations island. By the way, you can enter the cave Yanos, a site that said the place for mysticism and martial arts skills, a kind of martial arts Malaysia.


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