Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bangkok - Exploring The Beautiful City

Ready to explore the lesser known tracks? Bangkok, capital of Thailand metropolitan buzz, there are many shops for those who want to spend tourist attractions. It was the first stop on a backpacking trip, but there are many things to explore here, before venturing into another.

In time to come and match the smell and heat of Bangkok, wonderful familiar with the Skytrain to get around. Popular Bangkok traffic is terrible, and while the new funny car tuk to travel, drivers charging exorbitant fees for foreigners. Skytrain, on the other hand, cheaper, easier and connects with other rail systems. This ZIP code to view, such as sky and air conditioning spacecraft. For the best experience of the Chao Phraya River and tourist attractions along the waterfront, planning to go fast boat. This is another "line" the stop, a stop for travelers with a bit of a hurry, or even stop for tourists. Taxis are good for short term.

Make your way to the famous area known as the center of the backpacking universe, Khao San Road. Neon lights, high street stores and mid-priced budget accommodation in the short stretch of one kilometer thick. Here you are bound to find many other Backpackers who swap stories and tips on major blood vessels pub. But remember in recent years developed many big clubs in this area, attractive partygoers masses. See the place for a quiet alternative Backpackers Banglamphu.

Some of the places you should avoid to avoid tourist town soul. Rattanakosin tourism hotspot must be experienced to some extent, because it contains many historical monuments and cultural monuments are beautiful, but made a short day or half-day business. Skip Siam Square, the shopping mecca of the West. Went very green and opt for spray Krachao in Lumpini Park. Called "green lungs city," Krachao explosion peninsula scrub mangrove trees fruit is large and growing. You can take a bike trip organized here, but you can also rent a bicycle and explore on your own.

When you're ready to explore the event, consider the following ideal vacation spot. After arriving in the sunny trade center, the ancient city of Ayutthaya is the largest city in the world until it was gray in 1767. Now tourists go there to explore the ruins of palaces and Buddhist temples. Rent a bicycle to explore the city better, and be sure to look at Wat Phra Mahathat, a popular spot where Buddha full head wrap. Ayutthaya is located north of Bangkok, making it a day trip. To travel cheaper and better, take the train there.

After taking a quick flight or boat ride on beautiful Koh Chang, 310 km from Bangkok. Even with the recent development of tourism, the island is pretty much backpacking destination. White sand beaches, waterfalls, and diving all the attractions worth it.


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