Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bintan - Tanjung Pinang

Bintan Island should be on your travel planning for your next trip to Indonesia or Singapore. Considered as one of the best tourist destinations in Bali Indonesia, Bintan offers a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and plenty of seafood.

If you are interested in seeing the life and culture of the city, Tanjung Pinang will be your primary goal. Tanjung Pinang is located in the south-west and the largest city and main port of Singapore. If you arrive by ferry from Singapore is the easiest way to get here. If you come from other regions in Indonesia, you can fly to the port from a local airport flight international flights. An international airport is planned for 2015, but tourists are welcome to North Island. Three companies in Singapore make the ferry ride to Bintan: Penguin, Indo Falcon and Berlian / WaveMaster. Wait two hours and do not forget to make arrangements to return the company before leaving port because all the ferries fill quickly.

To arrive at Tanjung Pinang, plans to move by taxi or on foot. The main attraction of the city is within walking distance. If necessary, resort or hotel can arrange a taxi car, you have to talk to you, requires a lot of negotiation and avoid the damaged car. Public transportation should be avoided if possible, because the system is not yet complete and incomplete Bintan. Finally, beware of motorcycles or motorcycle - motorcycle driver in the city can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

There are many ways to approach the Tanjung Pinang. It's time to eat, do not miss the local seafood: try Gong-Gong (molluscs) or crab (crab). Or try a little of everything - Padang restaurant is a tapas bar Bintan. Inquire about the city's cultural center for information about the festival or event with traditional Malay music and dancing during their stay. The area near the town moderator John places second best to stock up on supplies for their adventure.

Tanjung Pinang mostly built on stilts over the water, so the boat ride from the town, which offers views of the beach. You can book trips near mediator John Piers 1 or 2. Also performed to see bite the island, off the coast of the city, where you can see the magnificent mosque and tomb of some ancient Indonesian royalty. Bintan Indonesia includes various islands has never been a colony of the Netherlands, so that you can see a mixture of Dutch and Javanese influences on architecture. Eat before you leave or bring food for a picnic, and there is not much accommodation here.

Spring can also plan a visit to a Buddhist temple near Tanjung Pinang, Sungai Ular Senggarang remote ancient temples and Buddhist temples. Bintan Muslim majority, but it made a landmark immigration waves of Chinese culture for more than 300 years.


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