Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top Destinations in Vietnam

The S-shaped country known war-torn history of settlers born Chinese, French, and finally, the Vietnam War, which consists of the U.S. military forces. All of the experiences that make up the roots of Chinese traditions mixed with a touch of Vietnam French influence and Westernization.

Saigon is a popular tourist destination about everything still shows the symbol of French colonialism, architecture survived the war. Also known as Ho Chi Minh City, the city with modern malls and skyscrapers. Travelers keep coming to the museum displays remnants of war and the Cu Chi Tunnels which serve as hideouts and supply routes for food, medicine and weapons to soldiers Viet Cong. 75 km long tunnel which is now part of the War Memorial Park, where tourists can crawl around the tunnel part of the security system. Travelers also took home products varnished Ben East market known as a souvenir of your trip from Saigon.

In the middle of the earth "S" is a fast-growing city of Danang. Traditional practices are still maintained in Vietnam, a strong heritage French mix of southern and influence from neighboring Laos and Cambodia. The province is famous for its cave Marble Mountain has never seen a hospital in Viet Cong, cleverly hidden under the nose of U.S. airport America. Some Cave still there and contains a statue of Buddha carved in stone. Hidden Cave allow Vietnam to practice their rituals. Modern stone cutting industry Vietnam created the most beautiful works in marble and jade figure as a religious symbol and representation of ancient Chinese stories. Few kilometers from Hue Danang is an ancient city that preserves its old houses and Chinese temples and travelers were amazed by the effects.

To the north is the famous Ha Noi, a favorite place for Backpackers in part because it is the only place where you can find some American food companies. Concentrated in the bustling city of Hanoi Old Quarter of Hanoi. The layout of the old road is visibly anyway, with traditional fronts shop configuring architecture. Travellers are raving about cheap silk and jewelry found in the old downtown shopping area, which is near Hoan Kiem Lake. Six hours from Ha Noi to the islands of Halong Bay, where Dau Go Cave and existing fishing village. Two days Halong Bay Cruises popular tourist admire some 1969 islands that make up the archipelago.


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